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Want to start your company or business in Jodhpur but don't have the budget to rent or buy an office? Aaddress offers you virtual offices for GST registration at reasonable rates.

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I was just one call away from my new virtual office for gst registration, the process was smooth and fast. Bhanu helped me a lot, she is very polite.

  • Chaitanya Ranjan
    Chaitanya Ranjan


Super fast service and great assistance from the team, they understood my urgency of virtual office for gst registration and completed all the formalities within the minimum time possible. I would like to thank Bhanu from their team for the assistance.

  • Aman Raj
    Aman Raj


The overall experience of their service was excellent. Inspite of some delay, they completed the whole process as soon as possible. Their documentation work was perfect. I would personally recommend Aaddress for any of your virtual office requirements in India.

  • Nikhil Iyyani
    Nikhil Iyyani


Our Presence

Jodhpur, also known as the Blue City of India, is located in Rajasthan. We are offering virtual office services in all the prime locations in Jodhpur. Hire our virtual services now and get the best deals.

4 Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a vibrant and colourful city rich in business and culture. There are myriad benefits to having a presence in Jodhpur. Here we are mentioning the four main benefits:

1 Improved Brand Image:

The location of the company says a lot about its brand image. Jodhpur is rich both commercially and culturally. But renting a physical office space in Jodhpur is expensive.

Aaddress offers you a virtual office in all prime locations in Jodhpur with a minimum monthly investment. You can hire our virtual office and boost your company's brand image with our office in a prime location in Jodhpur.

2 Smooth Phone Call Management with a Virtual Receptionist:

Aaddress offers you a virtual receptionist that will answer calls on your behalf, forward calls when required, and take messages in your absence.

This service will be activated the moment you hire our virtual office so that you and your employees can work without interruptions.

Contact us for more details at +91 8745950950.

3 Expand your Business Presence with Flexibility

Opening a new office at a prime location is a costly and tedious task. The cost of rent and setting up physical office space is very high in cities like Jodhpur.

To solve this problem, Aaddress offers you a virtual office at a prime location with a minimum monthly investment. You can open offices in different cities at multiple locations without worrying about the expenses.

It also gives you the flexibility of tapping into the customer base of Jodpur with the benefits of hiring a skilled workforce in the city while sitting at any place in the world.

4 Achieve Cost Efficiency with a Virtual Office in Jodhpur

Cost-cutting is the number-one priority for all businesses. Business owners constantly seek out opportunities where they can cut unnecessary costs.

Paying rent and other overhead in physical office space is an unnecessary cost in today's digital era.

You can replace the physical office space with a virtual office and cut the cost of having an office by 80 percent.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our team and hire a virtual office in Jodpur at a prime location now.

Virtual Office for Your Company Registrations Now Starts at Rs. 999.

There is no need to rent an expensive physical office space in Jodhpur. We got you covered with our virtual offices in prime locations in Jodhpur, with a monthly investment that starts at Rs. 999 per month. Contact our team now for the best deals.

Virtual Office for Company and GST Registration

Your company requires office address proof and contact details for company and GST registration.

The cost of renting physical office space, along with other overheads, is very high in Jodhpur.

Aaddress offers your virtual office with 80 percent less cost than physical office space without compromising on amenities like address proof of a prime location, business phone number for correspondence, virtual receptionist, meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

You can use the address proof and business phone number to get your company and GST registered with ease.

Contact our team now for more information.

Growth and Economy

Jodhpur, the blue city of India, is a tourist spot always crowded by people and filled with business opportunities. It has a rich textile, tourism, and food processing industries that contribute to the remarkable and rapid growth of the city.

The city is also making improvements in the IT and manufacturing industries. With good infrastructure and favourable government policies, the city is becoming a favourite for business owners and startups.